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溝通_點與距離 Connecting the Dots


Connecting the Dots




What kind of character “distance” plays when it comes to the relationship between people and others?

When I think of the different states between a person being alone or with others, it seems a person's condition will change too. Such as the feelings towards time, or self-confidence. Sometimes relationships affect a person's ability or provide comfort that the person doesn't have when being alone. Additionally, it can also be the feeling sense of stability, sensitivity, self-identity, or hope for the future.

It might be a complete circle when people being alone,  but when each different person joins, it may bring partial changes or stimulation which someone could hardly imagine before.

Presenting of works/
The work is set up in the corridor, and people walk freely under the work. When the person passes by, a circle will be generated on the top of the person's head. When the second person comes in, the two points are connected with a straight line, and the number indicating the actual distance(cm) of the two people is displaying above the line. Random moving geometry around the circle is showed, indicating the change of the state at the same time. The lines randomly connect people who step inside the area, which can allow up to 6 people at a time.

Material / projector、screen、Kinect

Dimension/ l 392 * w 278* h 263(cm)

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