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潛水計畫_我存在又不存在的地方 Diving Project  (2016-2017)
Diving Project

計畫執行時間 Project Duration


11.24、11.26、12.01、12.05     (10:30-18:30)


4.07、4.08、4.10、4.11、4.12  (10:30-18:30)


In this project, I listened to the sound of a particular participant's instant daily life through a communication software, and uninterruptedly typing description of various imaginations about the space, things, and mental state of that participant for 8 hours.


At the same time, the computer will continue to type the "_" symbol automatically during the whole process.  When I pause typing, it will continue to calculate the time and turn out to be a timeline in which this file and the participant’s time correspond to each other. With this constant typing,  I concentrate on people's lives and experience the state when people seldom realized they are in.

It is called Diving Project, which refers to a habit that corresponds to the use of the Internet in contemporary digital life-- “Diving” usually means that a user has frequently visited some social media or online forum, but never(or seldom) posted a message, just like diving, not showing in front of the public, but watching.

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