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石膏面像 Plaster Face  (2016-17)

阿里布達米亞 團隊  ALIBUDAMIA

何韋霆 Ho, Wei Ting

許芳境 Syu, Fang Jing

林峙宇 Lin, Zhi Yu

蔡昉  Tsai, Fang

我們靈感源自石膏像的神秘感,走經雕像或人像時常常會有種被石膏像偷看的錯覺。為了應證是不是眼花作祟,我們把這個特殊的感受具象的製作出來。利用 Kinect 攝影機捕捉觀眾頭部位置的技術,將訊號經由 Processing 傳至 Arduino,即時控制伺服馬達轉動眼珠,製造石膏像在「觀看」的動態。


Our inspiration came from the illusion of being watched when walking past statues, as they always have an atmosphere of creepiness.

We wanted to try this concept that our eyes were right, and the bust is really looking at us, we then put this idea into practice using Kinect to capture audience's head, then sending the data to Arduino, and controlling servo motors at the same time to move the animatronic eyes, creating the illusion for the audience being “looked at”.

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