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伴日 With the Light


With the Light
light box



The changes of natural light often reflect the passage of time, and one notices the existence of light through shadows.


With the light allows the audience to experience time and space more directly by having their silhouettes put in virtual space.

This work contains a light box that shows an image of a room accompanied by background sound and a projection. The audience was detected by a Kinect camera with real-time processing software when they appear in front of the lightbox.

The detected contours will be merged by software onto the shadow on the wall and create an impression that the audience is inside the room displayed in the lightbox.


The content of the lightbox is a room that presents a sense of residence. Some clues are deliberately arranged in the subtleties. The balcony outside the windows which fulls of hanging clothes, a cooking pot on the table, and a piece of paper which indicate the contract of the rented room. In the projected image, it shows the sunlight coming through the same clothes-hanging-balcony and laying the shadow on the wall. When viewers walk in, their shadow will also appear in the light, and the slowly moving sunlight brings out the feeling of time lapse.

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